Absolute page and tranquility, closed to the divity

Hotel Navya Grand ,Miyapur is located in the Prime business area of Miyapur on Hyderabad-Bombay National Highway with cool and pleasant environtment and surroundings with great hospitality .Navya grand is the place to stay and gives feel at home.

Step into another world of absolute peace and tranquillity, close to the divinity. Sri Venkateswara Hotel is the perfect location to indulge in a blissful as well as blessed holiday. Against the backdrop of the Sri Rama Temple constructed in the year 1674 AD, the modern hotel complex welcomes devotees to the luxuriously appointed ambience of deluxe and standard rooms. While you devote your stay for seeking divine blessings, the hotel - with its elegant facilities and friendly service - pampers you throughout your stay at Bhadrachalam. The captivating interiors with timeless appeal enhance the experience.

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